Our products cover smart home, smart wear, smart meter and other series which could meet the demands of living, travel, safety and others in your life.

Smart Helmet

The Smart Helmet is a wearable intelligent helmet for the actual combat needs of epidemic control and control in public places. This helmet is designed based on intelligent metamaterial technology, and integrates multiple advanced technologies such as infrared thermal imaging, artificial intelligence, AR (augmented reality) display, big data, communication sensing, and advanced aerospace technology. It is the first to implement mobile deployment-based control scenarios. The unaware and contactless temperature measurement is portable, safe and effective in epidemic prevention.


With face recognition and infrared thermal imaging technology, SuperEye can realize the identity identification and personnel management of the entry and exit personnel. At the same time, it can take non-contact temperature measurement for preliminary screening of high-temperature personnel to prevent the entry of high-temperature personnel.

Zhao TA Tracker

Zhao TA Tracker is an intelligent positioning device with NB-IoT network. The appearance is a card shape which mainly used for the positioning of people and objects. It can be used for locating valuable assets, preventing the loss, monitoring public assets and regular inventory of fixed assets. Additionally, it can be used as an anti-lost device for specific people group and  used for tracking the valuables.

Driving Guard

The Driving Guard is an in-vehicle terminal for the security positioning of electric vehicles and motorcycles. It has the characteristics of small size, high cost performance and high reliability. It built-in vibration sensor, 2G communication module, power monitoring module, Beidou, GPS satellite positioning module and other hardware, can collect electric motorcycle position, vibration, power off, cross-border, trajectory and terminal power and other data. It can be used as an effective auxiliary tool for public security to crack down on the theft of electric motorcycles.


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