Our products cover smart home, smart wear, smart meter and other series which could meet the demands of living, travel, safety and others in your life.

NB-IoT Combustible Gas Alarm

The NB-IoT Combustible Gas Alarm is a device that can detect the tiny combustible gas or gas molecules in the air in real-time. The combustible gas is often cause explosion or poisoning. When the gas leaks in the home, it would give sound-light alarm and send the warning signal to your mobile phone. No matter sleeping at night or working outside, you could be aware in time to avoid accident.

NB-IoT Smoke Alarm

In the early stage of the fire accident, NB-IoT Smoke Alarm can quickly detect the fire and issue an audible and visual alarm. It can report the smoke density to platform periodically with real-time smoke concentration detection.

NB-IoT Thermo-hygrometer

NB-IoT Thermo-Hygrometer is used to monitor the temperature and humidity of the environment in the office, baby room, old people's bedroom and living room. For the health of your family and staff members, it could warn remotely when the temperature beyond the normal range. It is also widely used in food transportation, medicine storage, agricultural greenhouses, animal breeding, archives management and other temperature and humidity monitoring.

NB-IoT PM2.5 Monitor

The NB-IoT PM2.5 monitor with high precision laser head that can detect particles with the smallest size of 0.3μm. The real-time monitoring data can be recorded in the cloud server for analyzing air quality.


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