Our solution is based on the cloud platform of China Mobile to provide integrated products and services for all industries, which has been widely applied in transportation, logistics, industry, agriculture, environmental protection and other fields.

Cold Chain logistics Solution

The transportation of special goods such as fresh and medicine needs to be kept in a low temperature environment. The ambient temperature, location and the closed state of the refrigerated container need to be monitored by various sensors in real time during transportation. Once the environmental temperature exceeds a certain threshold or refrigerated container is unlocked and open, it will automatically alert and report the state information to the remote monitoring center. Meanwhile, the remote monitoring center can query the location information of these materials in real time.

Key features:

  • Suitable for long-distance logistics transportation with requirements on temperature and humidity, such as refrigerated transportation of fresh food, agricultural products and vaccines.
  • The monitoring equipment has good stability and strong anti-interference. The stored data are uploaded and backed up regularly to prevent data loss.
  • Applicable to all types of logistics vehicles for whole process real-time monitoring. The number of temperature and humidity sensors is not limited, and temperature monitoring range is wide.
  • Driving condition monitoring and overspeed warning assist driving.
  • According to different transportation itemsit can set corresponding alarm range, automatic alarm, early-warning information push by APP, SMS and designated person.


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