Our solution is based on the cloud platform of China Mobile to provide integrated products and services for all industries, which has been widely applied in transportation, logistics, industry, agriculture, environmental protection and other fields.

Centralized Meter Reading (CMR) Solutio

The CMIoT Centralized Meter Reading (CMR) Solution consists of a variety of reading terminals with built-in 2G/4G/NB-IoT communication module, CMR management platforms and APP. This solution can be widely applied to operator base stations, IDC room, industrial parks, intelligent buildings, manufacturing enterprises, smart grid and many other scenarios.


  • Intelligent electricity consumption information collection: With built-in 2G/4G/NB-IoT communication module, OneNET provides management and dispatch capability of massive devices to realize efficient and accurate meter reading.
  • Centralized management of equipment and authority.
  • Cost reduction and simple installation: the meter directly reports the reading and the communication module supports plug and play.
  • Refined electricity charge audit: reduce the cost of manual meter reading and audit. Daily energy consumption can be compared and traced.
  • Smart electricity meter APP: Terminal installation and platform device registration are synchronized. The distribution of terminals and devices can be viewed in the APP, as well as smart meter status, electricity information and electricity meter configuration.

Remote Meter Reading Solution

Adopting microelectronic, sensing and other technologies, the data of water, electricity and gas meters of urban residents can be automatically read, processed and sent to water, electricity and gas companies in the form of SMS or network flow through the special network card of China Mobile IoT, so as to realize comprehensive information processing.

Key features:

  • Automatic meter reading: collect water, electricity and gas meter data and upload to Intelligent Meter Reading Data Center to improve energy operation efficiency.
  • Equipment management: China Mobile IoT cloud platform is adopted for equipment management, and faults can be automatically reported.
  • Data processing: the data is saved to read the original data, which can be used for query statistical analysis and data mining to find the potential value.
  • Low cost: Various packages are available. The solution can take place of manual meter reading to reduce operating costs for water, electricity and gas operators.
  • Safe and reliable: Provide a proprietary IoT card to ensure the safe transmission of data.

Smart Parking Solution

Based on NB-IoT technology, the parking detector can accurately detect the parking information of vehicle by sensing magnetic fields change and surrounding coverage in different parking environments. The smart parking management platform which based on OneNET could support multiple sensors access from different manufacturers. Additionally, the electronic map technology is integrated to the solution to achieve delicacy parking management, electronic description of parking information and dynamic information release.

Key features:

  • For applying indoor and outdoor environment, there are two forms of parking detector which are buried type and ground type.
  • With design of ultra-low power consumption, the large capacity battery could ensure device work more than 3 years.
  • With the features of waterproof, anti-snow, anti-corrosion, anti-pressure and anti-interference, the parking detector could be used effectively in outdoor parking environment in different weather conditions.
  • The parking detector adopts magnetic field + millimeter wave radar detection scheme, which is different from ultrasonic parking detection. It confirms whether there is a car by sensing the surrounding environmental magnetic field and the surrounding coverage. Adopting high precision sensor and advanced identification algorithm, the accuracy of parking state recognition is higher than 98%.


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