“5G+ Infinite Possibilities in the Future” China Mobile Global Partner Conference is Welcoming ...

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With the issuance of 5G commercial licenses, 5G network has been rapidly deployed and multiple 5G commercial terminals has been continuously launching. After successfully held the 6th Global Partner Conference with hundreds of partners all over the world, China Mobile Communication Cooperation is going to hold the 7th China Mobile Global Partner Conference with the theme of “5G+ Infinite Possibilities in the Future” on November 14th – 16th, 2019 in Poly World Trade Expo, Guangzhou, China.

This conference, which includes the opening ceremony, forum, exhibition, signing, series activities and sales exhibition, is the largest partner conference of China Mobile since the issuance of 5G commercial licenses. China Mobile would offer comprehensive interpretation of the 5G+ strategy and show the latest innovations with partners around 5G+4G, 5G+AICDE, 5G+ ecological, 5G+X and other aspects. The latest cooperation and development plans for 5G+ would be also launched to accelerate the commercial application of 5G in China.

In the main conference, China mobile will launch important strategies. Meanwhile, dozens of thematic forum will be held with the themes of 5G terminal, 5G Internet Application, 5G Equity Investment, 5G Innovation Cooperation, Digital Home, Smart Government and Enterprise and other hot topics. Many innovation contests, press conferences and GoTone series brand events will also be held.

Around the 5G+ strategy, China Mobile and partners will display the latest solutions in chip, terminal, smart home, smart government and enterprise, smart city and other aspects. Many latest 5G chips and terminals will be released or displayed at the conference. Professional platforms such as China Mobile R&D and innovation, fintech, smart government and enterprise, and content integration will also be presented to fully demonstrate how to implement group integration strategies in the 5G era to promote innovation and transformation.

At this conference, China Mobile IoT Company would display the abilities of “Cloud, Tube, Edge, Terminal and Safety” and IoT ecological construction around the theme of 5G+ in the display area of Smart Government and Enterprise. Moreover, CMIoT would host the China Mobile IoT Alliance Ecological Summit to promote the rapid development of the IoT industry with the concept of openness, cooperation and sharing.

In order to further enhance the audience's visiting experience, China Mobile will create the first 5G smart exhibition hall with the strongest signal, the thickest coverage and the highest speed in Guangdong with Poly World Trade Expo where the conference is held, so that the audience can experience the numerous wonderful 5G applications online and truly feel the infinite possibilities created by 5G.

The conference will also set up a sales exhibition area, where participants will have the opportunity to buy the latest brands of 5G mobile phones, 4K TV sets and preferential package services at a preferential price.

The new era of 5G+ is coming, let us create infinite possibilities in the future!


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