OneMO 5G Module Has Stably Connected to SA Real Network

2020-07-03 15:20:12 View Times 10723

Recently, the 5G product test team of Intelligent Module Department carried out SA (independent networking) real network test in Ningbo Mobile. OneMO 5G module F03X was stably connected to 5G SA network and occupied a leading position with the downloading speed exceeding 1.1Gbps and the uploading speed exceeding 90Mbps!

As defined by the 3GPP standards organization, 5G has two modes which are Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA). NSA refers to the coexistence of wireless 4G base stations and 5G base stations, which adopts the network architecture of 4G core network. SA refers to the wireless side adopting 5G base station and the core network adopting 5G core network networking architecture. Compared with 4G, 5G core network has changed radically from hardware platform to software architecture. On the hardware platform, 5G core network adopts NFV virtualization technology and uses x86 common hardware platform to replace the previous dedicated platform developed by device vendors to realize the cloud. In terms of software architecture, 5G core network introduces SBA micro-service architecture which further refines the business and makes deployment more flexible and faster.

After OneMO 5G module is connected to SA network, it can realize end-to-end network slicing and perfectly deploy MEC mobile edge computing which truly meets the millisecond level delay requirements and 99.99% reliability requirements in application fields such as vehicle networking and industrial control.

At present, two modules of F02X/F03X created by OneMO based on Qualcomm SDX55 platform have reached the state of bulk shipment. F02X adopts LGA package and supports PCIe, USB 3.1, I2S, GPIO and other application interfaces, which are mainly used in VR/AR, video monitoring, Industrial Internet and other fields. F03X adopts M.2 package and supports USB 3.1, I2S and other application interfaces. It is mainly used in PC, industrial PDA and other fields.

As the critical new type of infrastructure supporting the digitalization, networking and intelligence transformation of the economy and society, 5G not only plays an outstanding role in assisting epidemic prevention and control, resuming work and production, but also has great potential in stabilizing investment, promoting consumption, facilitating upgrading and fostering new driving force of economic development. 5G module is the entrance to 5G+ vertical industry while OneMO has developed hundreds of customers in dozens of industry fields including industrial control, vehicle networking, smart grid, smart home and video surveillance in China.

OneMO will continue to accumulate product capability, cultivate industrial application, actively participate in 5G ecological construction and work with vertical industry customers and industrial chain parties to upgrade and speed up the development of new infrastructure.


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