5G+VR Keep the Whole World at Your Fingertips

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In April 2019, China Mobile launched an immersive new tourism mode display based on 5G+VR in Baiyangdian Scenic Spot to create a more comfortable, safe and intelligent tourism experience for tourists. The exhibition area attracted a large number of tourists' attention and participation.

The COVID-19 epidemic in the first half of 2020 has hit the tourism industry hard. During that time, some scenic spots have launched the VR + cultural travel mode, which allows people clearly feel the magnificent mountains and rivers thousands of miles away even in their home. 

What is VR?

VR (Virtual Reality) is a kind of computer simulation system that can create and experience the Virtual world. It USES computers to generate a simulation environment to immerse users in the environment.

China Mobile 5G+VR Live Streaming

China Mobile has integrated 5G and VR technology that the live streaming data is utilized to combine with various output devices through signal data processing technology. Then 5G high-speed low delay network is utilized to transmit signals across time and space, so that people would have immersive feeling as in the reality. 

Subvert the Traditional Scene Experience

5G+VR Travel

Tourists could have a new travel experience by "5G+VR Travel" technology that travel around the world at anytime and anywhere. It can provide tourists with the most vivid experience as well as save time and consumption costs for them. 

5G+VR Remote Medical Visiting

5G +VR real-time 360-degree panoramic video transmission enables remote panoramic visitation of the isolated ward, so that their relatives and friends have the opportunity to visit the patient and see the real situation. It could not only effectively reduce the nosocomial infection rate but also enable the patient to enjoy high-quality, portable and efficient humanized medical services.

VR Panorama Display

360 panorama shooting technology is adopted to record a single area, such as real estate, campus, exhibition hall, park, home and other scenes in an all-round way. Then the record data is converted into digital signals, so as to facilitate the three-dimensional display of scenes to the audience in other occasions and restore the features of every detail.

5G+VR Panoramic Video & Live Streaming

In concert, conference, sports events and other scenes that need real-time broadcast, the live voice and picture will be transmitted through the 5G network in real time through special technology. The specific video players and VR headsets will be used to broadcast live to audiences around the world, so as to achieve an immersive live-action experience.


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