China Mobile Launches an IoT Operating System OneOS for 5G

2020-11-09 14:26:08 View Times 13220

China Mobile "Innovation 2020, Cloud-based Technology Week" officially opened on the network cloud platform at 9 am on June 17.


With the theme of "Openness Drives Development, Innovation Enables the Future", the conference focused on displaying the core capabilities of China Mobile in the 5G era, released the latest achievements of China Mobile and held discussions centering on 5G+ capability system. Qiao Hui, general manager of China Mobile IoT Company Limited, launched China Mobile IoT operating system OneOS at the conference, which attracted wide attention from the industry.


OneOS is a lightweight real-time operating system for IoT field which developed by China Mobile from 2018. It has the characteristics of scalable, cross-platform, low energy consumption, high safety, etc. It can support the ARM Cortex-M/R/AMIPSRISC-V and other mainstream CPU frameworks as well as support MicroPython language development. It is compatible with POSIX, CMSIS standard interface and provide graphical development tools. Therefore, it can effectively improve the development efficiency and reduce development costs that help users to develop stable, reliable, safe and easy to use the IoT applications.


In the age of Internet of Everything, IoT terminal devices are facing such problems as hardware fragmentation, network diversification, access complexity and security attack materialization. To solve these problems, China Mobile OneOS has accumulated several advantages in technology: 1. Supporting cross-chip platform, modularized design, easy to cut and expand and highly scalable to solve hardware fragmentation. 2. Providing connectivity components, various network standards and 5G slicing features can deal with network diversification. 3. Providing the integration of terminal and cloud which can simplify access and cloud enabling, improving application development efficiency and accelerating industry product incubation. 4. Providing security design framework to enhance the reliability of IoT applications.


With precise industry positioning, OneOS will be widely used in smart wear, smart door lock, smart charging, environment monitoring and other systems in the future.


One of the purposes of OneOs Ecosystem is to let developers who know the industry develop the products. China Mobile will provide massive data, platform + network advantages and technical services to export competitive products in the industry. The other purpose is to let the high-quality resources serve the ecological partner. China Mobile will carry out marketing, sales, channel and publicity to bring more high-quality cooperation resources to our partners.


On the background of rapid development of intelligent society, China Mobile will continue to bring more innovative products to the industry and the public. We sincerely invite you to join the OneOS ecosystem and share the infinite business opportunities of the Internet of Things.


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