Who we are?

China Mobile IoT Company Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Mobile. Based on the overall strategy of China Mobile, China Mobile IoT Company aims to become the supporter of IoT business services, the provider of IoT chips & modules and the promoter of IoT products & applications. In practice, China Mobile IoT focuses on operating IoT private network, designing IoT chips and modules, producing IoV, smart home applications and wearable, Development and operation of IOT card connection management platform OneLink and IOT open platform OneNET, promoting IoT solutions, which makes a comprehensive architecture name “Cloud-Pipeline-Device”.

China Mobile IoT Company collaborates with China Mobile provincial and professional companies to provide the community with the most advanced IoT technologies. Following the philosophy of open, cooperation and sharing, China Mobile IoT strives to become a China based, globally leading IoT Company which promotes IoT applications in various industries.

What have we achieved

The First

The FirstChina Mobile IOT Company Limited is the first specialized IOT operating company founded by domestic telecom operators.

10 Major Areas

Ten Areas China Mobile IOT has abundant demonstration projects in 10 areas such astransportationlogistics, powergrid.smarthome,security,medicine,industry,agriculture, environment protectionand,financial.

16 Years

sixteen years In the field of IOT, China Mobile has nearly 16 years exploration experience in ChongQing which is the center of Yangtze river economic belt, Yuxinou international Railway and Silk road economic belt.

400 Million

By the end of now,the number of China Mobile IOT terminals was more than four hundred million in China.


To become the leading company of IOT which products
and sercive within China,and spread to the worldwide areas
Promote the industry opening-up,
facilitating the cooperation and leading the industry innovation.

The supporter of IOT business services者

To build effective, stable, safe IoT private network
To build ability to create connecting,capability and big data platform.

The promoter of IOT products & application

To introduce smart home and Internet of vehicles services
To collaborate with SP/AP/SI in market.

The provider of IOT chips & modules

Cooperating with developers of communication
modules, intelligent sensors, CPU modules and
open source hardware system.

  • Culture
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Strategy

IOT Development of China Mobile

November 2006 Center

China Mobile established “M2M National Operation Supporting Center” to provide technical assistance.

July 2010 Base

China Mobile established “IoT Base” in Chongqing and build a professional operation team to promote IoT products in China.

September 2012 Company

China Mobile IoT Company Limited founded, and operation started as a professional enterprise.

2013年 Communication Module

The intelligent module department was established and start to sell the communication module officially

October 2014 Cloud devices

China Mobile IoT device cloud platform- OneNet officially online

November 2014 Private network

China Mobile IoT private network is commercially available

May 2015 Information Technology Center

Established Information Technology Center in Chengdu

March 16 Smart Hardware Technology Center

Established Intelligent Hardware Technology Center in Shenzhen

September 2016 OneNET

OneNET leads the Internet of Things cloud service industry through trusted cloud certification.

November 2016 M2M

Released the first 2G chip C216B with built-in M2M to enter the R&D field of the Internet of Things chip.

March 2017 And.mu

The smart hardware "And.mu" became the first product with a cumulative sales volume of over one million.

July 2017 IC Innovation Center

Established IC Innovation Center in Beijing.

September 2017 Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center

Established a smart manufacturing innovation center in Jiangsu .

December, 2018 OneMO

Self-developed modules launched OneMO series products whose annual sales has exceeded 10 million


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